Support & FAQs

Our FAQs are designed to support you in decision making around your purchase of a Facilitate product.

Frequently asked questions

Purchasing a Facilitate product can represent a radical shift in the way you may be running aspects of your business. You'll no doubt have many questions before committing to investing in Facilitate and a new way of working. In the 'Frequently asked questions' below, we hope to address any queries you may have about Facilitate's products and their implementation - however, if you have a specific query that isn't answered here, do please get in touch using our enquiry form.

Full support and instructions on their use are provided upon purchasing individual products.


A: Yes it is possible to import your existing client data, this is a service that we charge on a case-by-case basis. If you wanted to import your data – course history, client details, etc we would need an example of how your current data is stored. For example, a spreadsheet with different columns etc. We would then provide you with a quote to import the information.

A: Although we offer a full invoicing and accounts package within the Facilitate CRM you don’t have to use it. The functionality of the CRM is so vast you will still be gaining huge benefits and savings in terms of time and therefore money. Plus you never know you may find at the end of your next accounting year that its wiser to move your accounts over to our system.

Web Builder

A: Yes you can providing you purchase the CRM too. You can use your existing website design and simply add pages that link to functionality you like within our package. So items like our course finder, course calendar, and clients secure area can all be added easily to your existing website. The Facilitate concept is designed to make your life easier not harder.


A: Yes of course. We are more than happy to provide full demonstrations of the software, combined with a detailed user guide and handy video tutorials. We also have a dedicated support team on hand, available for you to call or email whenever you have any questions about using the system.

A: We backup all the data we hold every 24 hours. It’s held on 2 separate servers both based in the UK in separate locations to help prevent outages etc. Part of the annual hosting package includes regular maintenance and security updates/upgrades to ensure all data is secure and accessible.