Facilitate Training Manager

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Why Facilitate Training Manager?

Facilitate Training Manager allows businesses to manage their entire staff training requirements and history using one unique system. The system has been built with efficiency in mind, allowing for both the quick and easy assignment of training across your entire company or at an individual level, as well as the ability to swiftly search the entire system’s data to establish companywide compliancy with all required training.

Backed up securely online, your training data can be accessed 24/7 on multiple devices including mobile phone. Efficient and easy to use, Facilitate Training Manager, saves you your most valuable asset, time – as well as giving you peace of mind you are rigorously tracking and maintaining staff training records leading to a safer productive workforce.

Complete management of all staff training records and requirements

Facilitate Training Manager has been designed to ensure you are able to manage your entire workforce’s training records and requirements with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

  • View training requirements across roles, departments and sites.
  • Create site or department wide training requests following changes in process or legislation.
  • Add historical training data and certification to individual staff.
  • Allow line managers to make training requests for either compulsory training or “recommended” continual professional development.
  • Assign and track companywide compulsory inductions and introductory training.

Easy organisation of inhouse and external training

Facilitate Training Manager allows you to quickly and easily organise course and training sessions based on company, department or site wide demand for specific training or courses.

  • Easily organise training sessions in batches of those who require the same training – across entire company or by site, department or across roles.
  • Add training supplier details to your own ‘supplier database’.
  • Quickly and easily tag and find ‘preferred suppliers’ for specific types of training or courses.
  • Send out quote requests to batches of suitable suppliers.
  • Send course notifications to staff and line managers, as well as training suppliers.
  • Quickly assign pass or fail data to training undertaken by a staff member and upload certificate scans or issue inhouse certificates.

Track impending training and discrepancies

The Facilitate Training Manager system features a number of alert systems designed to ensure urgent and impending training can be organised and executed.

  • Set and track course refreshers and certification expiry time periods/dates.
  • Alert system highlights upcoming training in need of renewal.
  • Be alerted to any job roles which need to be filled.
  • Highlights the need to fill important support roles e.g. First Aider or Fire Marshall.
  • Reminders for staff appraisals.

Budget tracking

Facilitate Training Manager allows you to easily keep track of training costs and track budgets.

  • Enter estimated and actual course/training costs to keep track of training budgets.
  • Run reports to highlight spending across departments, sites and individuals.
  • Helps you review your favourite suppliers list based on recent prices.
  • Forward plan budgets based on requests/refreshers due within the next ‘x’ months.

Role and responsibility assignment and user privileges

Facilitate Training Manager allows different roles and user views to be assigned within the system, meaning responsibilities for different tasks and roles can be assigned to individuals.

  • Managers of departments or sites can be allocated responsibility for managing associated staff training including their appraisals.
  • Different user types can access different levels of information – for instance a staff member may only see their own training records and upcoming training.
  • Key internal roles such as Fire Marshall and First Aiders can be assigned to individual staff.

Manage and track appraisals

Facilitate Training Manager allows you to manage the full staff appraisal process, from setting dates to tracking the progress of identified and assigned training.

  • Manage and schedule individual staff member's appraisals.
  • Set alerts for appraiser to ensure regularity of appraisal process.
  • View historical appraisal information and track progress.
  • 'Role simulator' functionality allows individuals to see how another role might affect their training needs, allowing them to plan ahead if they wish to advance in to other jobs within the company.

Quick and easy to set up and use

Facilitate Training Manager has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency in storing, tracking and analysing your entire company’s training data.

  • The system’s setup wizard has been designed to enable you to quickly and easily set up your organisational structure and associated roles and staff.
  • Quickly import staff names using a simple spreadsheet template.
  • If you have your staff contact details and/or training records in an existing system or spreadsheet, we can help you import this data for an extra cost, saving you time on data entry.
  • Fully searchable and sortable system making it quick and easy to find any kind of record.
  • Quickly visualise all upcoming course sessions, appraisals and any assigned tasks using ‘calendar view’.

Advanced / additional features

Facilitate Training Manager features a number of ‘added extra’ functions all aimed at making the management of your company’s training more efficient.

  • Task management and assignment across staff and departments.
  • Inhouse certificate creator - allowing the creation and issue of training certificates.
  • Reporting tools to generate different useful views and report documents (PDF) of entire system data.
  • Manage training venues within a dedicated ‘venues’ database.
  • Manage any caterers you use for training within their own dedicated ‘caterers’ database.
Facilitate Training Manager

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