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Complete management of all aspects of your customer records and courses Facilitate CRM empowers the complete management of all training provider back office administration, as well as the entire lifecycle of the courses you run. Watch video Buy now & price plan Book a demo

Why Facilitate CRM?

Part of the Facilitate Suite of business management software, Facilitate CRM has been designed specifically to empower training providers to run their businesses with maximum efficiency. Its powerful features offer complete management of your clients and your courses.

Backed up securely online, your customer records & courses can be accessed 24/7 on multiple devices including mobile phone. Efficient and easy to use, Facilitate CRM, saves you your most valuable asset, time, easily paying for itself in the first few months of usage.

Manage the complete
customer journey

When combined with Facilitate Web Builder, the Facilitate Suite which includes Facilitate CRM enables you to manage the complete customer journey. Facilitate CRM enables you to manage all aspects of organising and running courses, as well as the ongoing customer relationship, while a website created using Facilitate Web Builder can be used to promote and generate interest and ultimately capture sales via online booking.

Powerfully manage the courses you run

Facilitate CRM has been designed with powerful features aimed at efficiently managing Training Provider businesses which are not catered for when purchasing generic, off the shelf, business management software.

  • Manage the breadth of your training business using one tool.
  • Complete management of customers, courses, training venues, training records, finances and invoicing.
  • Live online system. Access your customer’s records & courses 24/7.
  • Multi-platform compliant, works on PC, Mac, tablets & mobiles.
  • Hosted, maintained and backed up on our dedicated server.
  • Links to UKRS website for time saving efficiencies.

Maximum efficiency, saving you time

Time is money – and the Facilitate Suite saves you lots of time – making your business more efficient and profitable. Having all your customer records and course management information within one joined up system alone brings incredible efficiencies, but Facilitate CRM also incorporates many more tools to improve your workflow.

  • Fully searchable and sortable system so you never lose that lead or enquiry again.
  • Links to your Facilitate Web Builder website allowing for ‘live’ bookings.
  • Allows your customers to view and print their own staff training history 24/7.

Bookings made easy

Facilitate CRM incorporates features that allow for advanced and efficient management of course bookings.

  • Book onsite appointments within the system reminding your client and you of when and where it will be.
  • Allocate spare places to course sessions. As places are booked either via phone, email or online, the system updates immediately so you will never over book a course by mistake.
  • All customer letters and reminders are easy to produce, as well as being printable they can be triggered to send via email or text, saving you postal costs as well as missed bookings.

Fluid management of finances and invoicing

Facilitate CRM brings an efficiency and fluidity to the administration of your business billings and finances that give you more time and the headspace to be creative and innovative – providing you the energy and momentum to consider the future of your business.

  • Fully numbered, fully traceable - the invoice numbering system can start from where your old system leaves off.
  • Advanced credit control options put you in total control. Statements can be issued when you decide.
  • Invoice templates can be adapted to your own needs.

Full integration with UK Rural Skills online member services

Facilitate’s core functions can be synchroinsed with UK Rural Skills online member services offering huge time savings.

  • Order UK Rural Skills certificates direct from the Facilitate CRM.
  • Save wasted time entering trainees and clients names on two separate systems.
  • Records are automatically updated with UKRS certificate numbers and expiry dates.
  • Trainees photos can be stored within the system making ID card orders simple.
  • UKRS eLearning video previews show on your own site, allowing you to promote this potential new revenue stream professionally to your customers.

Advanced business management features

Do you run a membership?

  • Facilitate CRM enables you to recruit and manage your membership scheme.
  • Issue annual subs at the click of a button.
  • Promote and recruit members via your Facilitate Web Builder website.

Manage a team?

  • Facilitate CRM features a full task manager system.
  • Members of staff can allocate jobs to one another.
  • Managers can see an overview of outstanding tasks and what’s gone overdue.
  • Notes can be added to most areas including clients and courses.
  • Fully searchable. Efficiently manage your team and never lose a lead again.

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Facilitate CRM is part of the Facilitate Suite software package which incorporates Facilitate CRM and Facilitate Web Builder - click here to compare pricing of Suite and its component parts.

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Facilitate CRM Highlights

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Key benefits

Powerfully manage the entire customer journey

Engineered for maximum business efficiency

Bookings made easy. Online course booking engine

Fluid management of finances and invoicing